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Jennifer began practicing yoga over a decade ago to heal an injured back, and continued moving forward with her practice as she valued the fortitude and mindfulness she drew from her time on the mat. After exploring various types of yoga, Jennifer was inspired to deepen her yogic path and became an instructor through Mira Costa's teacher training program. She is grateful to have studied under many seasoned yogis, and draws inspiration for her personal practice from the power and grace of nature. Jennifer applies dynamic sequencing, healing pranayama, and balancing energy work to her classes, which are based on strengthening and releasing stress from the body. Her intention is to create a space for students of all levels to expand their practice by cultivating the confidence to find transformation on and off the mat.

Classes with Maria

Maria first learned about yoga back in 1999, while taking a Buddhist Architecture class, and has been practicing since then. She was attracted to it by the spiritual aspect of it. “I had been wanting to meditate for a long while, thus I saw yoga as a way to slow my mind down and be in the present.” As her practice deepened, María began to experience the benefits of a steady practice. Yoga helped her alleviate the side effects of stress at work and hours of sitting in front of the computer.

María has been physically active all her life. As a young child in Argentina, she danced, did gymnastics, and ran track, among other activities. She is passionate about health and strongly believes in a holistic approach to it. “Yoga has been one of the most powerful and transforming experiences in my life. It has made me physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger.”

María draws inspiration from her personal Ashtanga practice. She is thrilled to share what she knows while she continues to grow as a student and teacher. Her goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment for students to experience yoga while guiding them through their personal practice.

María is a graphic designer, a dancer, and a nature lover. When not practicing yoga, you can find her grooving to Brazilian beats, making yoga pants with her mom, or watching the sun setting over the ocean .

“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.”

B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga: The Path To Holistic Health

Classes with Elisa

Don't miss out on her Gentle Yoga class that will have you leaving the studio feeling like a new person; clear-minded, strong, and ready to have a great day.

Classes with Mary

Prenatal Four Week Program

~This class will meet two times a week, is appropriate for all fitness levels and pregnant women in their second and third trimesters.The practice of yoga during pregnancy is perhaps the most empowering tool a woman with child can undertake. Pregnant women are not broken! In Prenatal Yoga, the mother-to-be will further develop mastery of breath, focus, and awareness, as well as start to prepare the body for childbirth. Be prepared to work, tone, smile, & have that ahhh-mazing moment of relaxation.

Whether this is your first child or your fifth, this is a special time devoted entirely to you and your pregnancy. No prior yoga experience required. All classes are taught as a "crawl, walk, or run"-leaving you many options to choose from depending on the progression of your pregnancy or the mood that you're in. Specific yoga exercises will be used to help you increase flexibility, and specific emphasis on birthing positions. Deep breathing exercises will help guide you through the pressures and stress of everyday life. In this open community you will be able to share your experience with other mothers-to-be and create a network of new friends. Prenatal 4 week program $100 (non-transferable to other classes) Single classes $15.00

Classes with Jen


Jennifer has been practicing yoga since 2001, teaching since 2008. She received her 200-hr certification from Mira Costa College and has participated in workshops with some awe-inspiring teachers such as: Roger Cole, Leslie Kaminoff, Paul Grilley, Justine Shelton, Mary Mylet and Sherry Zak Morris among others.

She also currently practices on a regular basis with a variety of accomplished teachers. She has worked for most of the last 26 yrs in counseling and health care. She has confessed to being pretty uncoordinated and had rather bad posture. However, through the practice of yoga she has gained not only a physical strength and balance but an emotional strength as well, that has been a great support in challenging times. She has also gained some stillness of mind, not to mention much better posture.

These are the kinds of benefits she would like to share with you.


Classes with Amanda

~About the class: Power Flow Vinyasa- a powerful, strength-building form of yoga, moving from one pose to the next, connecting breath with movement. Incorporating cardio, balance, flexibility, and mental clarity.

amanda armendariz Amanda Armendariz is a certified 200HR yoga teacher in vinyasa style, a personal trainer, and ballroom dance teacher. She grew up in a world of dance- ballet, jazz, hip-hop, but was turned on to yoga later in her life after a car accident that broke her left shoulder. Looking to gain recovery quickly, she began practicing yoga daily and fell in love with the practice, not only did she heal fast, she was completely transformed by the spiritual journey yoga led her through. Her classes involve strength building to challenge the mind and body, with a spirit of playfulness and inspiration to deepen your practice.

Classes with Teresa

Teresa Petersen completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification and Teacher Training at the Yoga Studio Carlsbad, with instructor Cindy Gibbons in 2002. After completing this certification, Teresa taught groups of children at local private schools and assisted with training programs for other local yoga teachers to learn to teach yoga to children. She has taught group and private instruction while raising her two daughters. Teresa completed her most recent 200 hr TT with instructor Lisette Hart, at Roots and Wings in Vista, CA. Teresa’s most recent training was a weekend workshop with Paul & Suzie Grilly on Yin Yoga and Anatomy.Teresa’s personal practice includes a weekly studio practice with Instructors of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa along with a strong varied home practice. Teresa
Teresa’s familiarity with the body reflects in her practice and instruction. Outside of Yoga Teresa enjoys Running, Swimming, Hilking and walking at the beach. Teresa is an active member of the West Coast Road Runners Club and has run many local races from 5K – Full Marathon.
Teresa teaches Kids Yoga, Prenatal, Vinyasa, Power Flow, Gentle Yoga and Yin/Yang Yoga.


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