Famous California beaches for practicing yoga

If you’re lucky enough to travel to California often, you know that the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever be seeing is the beach. Thanks to its geographical position, California can pride in having the most attractive and inspiring beaches in the States.beach yoga california

The perfect trip to the beach doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as you bring your favorite items with you, you can do almost anything you want. Yoga is also available as a beach activity.

Here are some famous California beaches to practice yoga.

Carmel Beach

The laid back and casual atmosphere of Carmel Beach brings joy to yoga lovers. With the slow-paced environment, you can surrender yourself to the sun, the air, and the music of the waves.

With the help of untouched scenery, including white sand, blue water, and beautiful cypress trees, the yoga routine on Carmel Beach will bring relaxation to your vacay.

Santa Monica Beach

Remember some famous movie scene, including action or romantic themes? If you do, you know that the scenes on the beach are likely shot at Santa Monica Beach. Probably because of its notoriety, or the great choice of amenities, this beach can offer something for every pocket and style.

As for the yoga practicing, you might not be able to do it in the afternoon or evening, since the beach is always crowded. But an early morning routine will give you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery all by yourself.

Coronado Beach

beach yoga californiaThe calm ocean waters of this San Diego coastline are the perfect choice for families and people who like the tranquility of the life. You won’t be wrong if you choose as your next beach yoga destination since you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in California.

Laguna Beach

There’s not one beach you need to visit here. Laguna Beach consists of some of the most representative shorelines in California. It would be a shame to miss to visit everyone.

As an avid yoga lover, you can enjoy the adventure of planning a yoga trip. Pack your things and spend the day or two on each beach. To add more fun, organize a contest with your friends or yoga class buddies.

Huntington Beach

One side of Huntington Beach may suit to party lovers – there isn’t a place that can offer so much fun and joy as this one. On the other hand, the quiet mornings are rarely used as party hours, which makes an opportunity for yoga lovers to jump in and steal the moment.

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